Attention! The free internet needs your help!

Lately, a mentally ill Terrorist has been uploading TERRABYTES of CP to multiple imageboard and imageboard-related websites in an attempt to get them taken down.
This individuals name is Robert Brown, he owns a group of websites called Multich. He has been using thousands of AWS endpoints and VPNs to attack websites which he disagrees with and then report them to their registrar.
Recently, a web-hosting company called KolymaNET came under seige of this criminal. He uploaded CP to dozens of websites which were hosted by the network in an attempt to ruin its reputation, then reported them to their registrar to get them taken down. He doxxed and threatened the life of the owner of the company and 4 subordinates. He attacked indiscriminately at random, unrelated websites which just used the companies services. Why?
Because the owner refused to pay for his computer repair months earlier. Robert Brown, who lives in seattle washington is a criminal, antifa-terrorist, pedophile and DATA harvester, as his software (multich) collects IP addresses without hashing them, like a respectable software would do. He then uses the IP addresses of anyone who was foolish enough to post on his websites to entrap them, threatening to frame them if they dont comply with his demands, which could be a ransom, false admission, etc
They are trying to blackmail and extort multiple people who support a free and open internet due to their conflicting opinions. YOU can help by spreading the word about Robert Brown on other imageboards, your website, or with your friends. With our combined effort, we can get him to cease all further crime.

Pedophile, terrorist, and anti-free internet. Spread the word!

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Sources: - a multich admin, friend of robert brown threatening me.

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