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Thoughts on Heyuri

Ever since Heyuri collapsed, I have been missing a certain something about it, something that the alternatives, like SH, just dont have. I cant seem to pinpoint what exactly it is, but i know its missing, and I need it back.

Alot of people have said that Heyuri functioned best when both me, and Lolico were the administrators, and for the most part — I agree. Heyuri without Lolico isn't the same, and Heyuri was never the same after my departure and our splitting of ways.

As my close friend yaril, an administrator on put it,

"I hope my best that the 2 will find a peaceful conclusion, and that SH will merge into heyuri, or heyuri into SH. The sites share alot of the same users, culture, and history. Why must we fight?"

And to that, I say that I agree. I hope that re-unification comes swiftly.

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