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My SH to-do list and plans

Here is a list of everything I want to do on — feel free to discuss or add suggestions on the discussion board. I could have organized the list further, but as I see it, there is no purpose.

item importance difficulty
frontpage re-do not very important not difficult
fixing post numbers extremely important difficult
making bans more efficient important not very difficult
fixing non-ascii character formatting important extremely difficult
`thats right!` feature from futaba very important difficult
css issues important difficult
hostname display feature from futaba important difficult
imgDB feature from ktaba and 9channel not very important extremely difficult
reaching 1,000 average daily posts by 2021 very important difficult
a 4th developer very important very difficult
ktaba.php's content tracer extremely important extremely difficult
re-uniting the userbase very important very difficult
removing captcha and replacing it with ktaba botRv4 not very important not very difficult

kuznote: this isn't a complete list of everything I have planned — there are numerous things that I may have forgotten, or that I just thought would be better as a secret ;). Either way, I hope my transparency on this subject shows that its not one of those things that I'll set on a shelf and forget about for a decade. * cough cough * NC9CH * cough *

kuznote2: I will be removing several boards tommorow. I will be migrating the posting software as well as the posts sometime later this month.

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