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If things stay the same, the world has no future.

Today, I go to a place that sells bagels. This "pandemic" as it is called goes on for over a year, so you might think I am used to seeing the sights of todays world. But I was nonetheless baffled to see the craziness of people. Not only do i stand more than 2 meteres back, but they make me wear 2 masks! Another one on top of mine, make me add hand sanitizer, and then they go back inside their bubble.

There may be reason to wear a mask and wash hands, but I think this is absurd. People no longer exercise well, compounding bad health before this crisis. People sit in their homes and do not move from their screens. Before, this was already happening, and now this issue is 10 fold. People now dont even look me in the eye when I talk to them. Look at me scared, and talk in a quiet voice. I have seen manny hikkimori in my lifetime, and it is good to have them, but not if the entire world is!

World needs a return to normal. In china, the government was at least responsible enough to quickly and efficiently handle the situation. In the United States it is dragged on for a year and a half and society and economy is ruined.

Why cant westerners better emulate the wisedom of the east? The west is doomed, but perhaps thats not a bad thing.

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