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2020—A Year In Review

Throughout this tumultuous year, Heyuri went through a myriad of ups and downs. It faced attacks from the outside, inside, and other side. It was given the middle finger thousands of times by many people, we went through server failures, skiddie attacks, domain cancels, data corruption, getting hacked twice, and barely avoided a full fledged court battle. By now, I wouldnt be surprised if godzilla came out to fuck us sideways.

But throughout everything, Heyuri came out strong. We were beaten to the floor and kicked while we were down, I went through a rollercoaster of emotions running this site, but one emotion triumphed the rest, pride. I am proud of Heyuri and what it became.

But I didnt do this alone, so, here and now, I will go out of my way to thank everyone who got Heyuri to where it is.

    In no particular order;

  • Lolico - For creating the goddamn site in the first place, and hours upon hours of programming late into the night to fix bugs. For tolerating my nonsensical dribble for 6 months, and so much more. Thank you for making Heyuri work.

  • anonwaha - For being one of my favorite posters, for your wise posts in /q/ and /meta/, and for enlightening newfagsFRIENDS to the way of Heyuri. For making those huge archives and statistical posts, thank you making heyuri a brighter place :3

  • Party/b/us - For bringing us fun posts, and lots of them. Whoever you are, (plural?), thank you for giving us the boosts we needed in times of darkness.

  • The Tripfags - For fostering a lovely community of users who arent afraid to use their trips, and since most of you came from 9chan, спасибо.

  • Kaguya - One of our mods, and the mods in general dont get very much thanks for all their hard work. Thank you for your hard work, for using FHP, for being interesting in Heyuri and dedicating your time to it. - Check out kaguyas site!.

  • DCPDEV - For helping fix some of the /all/ bugs I've run into since lolicos departure. Thank you for saving my ass from a lecture in /q/!

  • Matthew Right - For helping me out with redesigning this site, as well as offering technical support with the godaddy debacle! Thank you for an awesome looking site.

  • and lastly,

  • Thank YOU, heyuri-anons, for breathing life into Heyuri. For the GETs, the stickies, the laughs, the original content, the epic m3m3z, and so on. Heyuri would be nothing without you. I deeply cherish the small community that Heyuri has. I love all 164 of you deeply. Except you, faganon. .i.
  • oh yeah thanks ascii cat you were a cool meme :)

        (゚、 。 7
         l、 ~ヽ
         じしf_, )ノ

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