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August is a my 2nd favorite month, behind September. Hopefully, a good month begets good luck to KolymaNET and Heyuri.

KolymaNET must be withdrawn from a recession, after fighting a e-war with the multich pedos, some resources have been running rather short. I have also recently gotten back from a 5-day business trip to Memphis, so I havent had alot of time to work on the sites recently.

However, now that I am back, I would like to lay out my plans for this month and the framework we will lay for the coming months as well.

  1. Increased organization of the interior.
  2. Complete official migration to newly launched IRC service (, which we will begin pushing on the websites soon. As well as improved notifications for IRC users.
  3. Third recruitment push.
  4. Introduction of a system to Fuuka Ayase which will automate the hosting process, which will bring more users to the service.
  5. Launch of KolymaID - the KolymaNET account system which can be used to gain access to other parts of KolymaNET, receive updates, decrease likelihood of rangeblocking, bypass geoblocking, and many other benefits. To protect the integrity of anonymity on KolymaNET this system will not be interlinked with the imageboards.
  6.  Video and Flash thumbnailing for the imageboards.
  7. Various bug fixes in Kokonotsuba Release 1.4
  8. A truncation feature to the imageboards, autosage, other QoL.
  9. Pre-release of new Turkish branch of KolymaNET, ran by CCA Director, Kutay Demir.
  10. KolymaBBS retirement action goes into effect.

These 10 points are going to be the main focus areas of KolymaNET in August. Among my personal goals are keeping Heyuri at a sustainable activity level, and, on August 20th, I will remarry. After marriage I will have decreased time on the internet, but will hopefully maintain my presence where possible

Happy August, month of summers' end.

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