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I am kuz (e: K-OO-Z). I host websites and make bulletin boards.

I was born in Omsk, Russia, 1988. I often go by the internet moniker "kuz", pronounced "kooz" as it is pronounced in my birthname, Kuznetsov.

I started programming at age 14, and in 2005, age 16, I created 9ch (more commonly known as 9channel). It was a small file-sharing website, commonly used to spread pirated movies, pornography, and other (then) banned materials in Russia. Over the years, it grew into something bigger, eventually it came to have its own textboard(s), mailing list, and more. Unfortunatley, due to legal reasons, I was forced to shut it down in late 2017. At its peak, it served around 50,000-60,000 users.

Some sites of mine include Gurochan, Heyuri, 9ch Hideout, and others. I primarily spend my time doing server administration at my home in East Tennessee. I moved to the United States in 2014 and have lived there since. If you want to talk, shoot me an email, and I'll try to get back to you quickly.

— kuz

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Ruhaw 04/21/21(Wed)17:32
<a href=>Portal about drawing</a>

Anonymous 04/21/21(Wed)11:10

Anonymous 04/20/21(Tue)20:23
thank you for everything you have made so far, i find alot of your sites cool and interesting

Anonymous 04/19/21(Mon)09:19

Anonymous 04/16/21(Fri)09:03
+3 gbp

Anonymous 04/13/21(Tue)09:24
thank you

Anonymous 04/13/21(Tue)08:00

Anonymous 04/13/21(Tue)03:37
sus af

Anonymous 04/13/21(Tue)03:37

Anonymous 04/13/21(Tue)03:37
kill yourself

Anonymous 04/13/21(Tue)03:30

Anonymous 04/12/21(Mon)18:21

Anonymous 04/12/21(Mon)15:34

Anonymous 04/12/21(Mon)09:01
давай давай xddd

Anonymous 04/12/21(Mon)09:00

Anonymous 04/12/21(Mon)09:00
>давай :)


kuz!WezrG/5mtU 04/12/21(Mon)08:59
давай :)

shrug!HEYURI/YBA 04/12/21(Mon)08:58
ведущие специалисты в области алхимии совместно с сидхе создали модифицированный горох специально для боевых драконов....

теперь фраза "газовая атака" приобрела новый смысл

Anonymous 04/12/21(Mon)08:57
Я их перечислил...

Anonymous 04/12/21(Mon)08:57
СЮ: Ок гугл половой акт как составить
ТРТР: Сначала утверди члены комиссии

Anonymous 04/12/21(Mon)08:56
Проблема современного мира в том, что он дал идиотам возможность выражать своё мнение слишком... широковещательно.

Anonymous 04/12/21(Mon)08:55
Лепишь голых сексуальных тёлок типа Гермионы и выкладываешь сам знаешь где, заводишь патреон где есть версия без лифчика и трусиков в разных позах.

Anonymous 04/12/21(Mon)08:55
пошел ты кузя

gumiho!.UxaEZ35R6 04/12/21(Mon)08:54
Шредингер и Шрёдингер - это братья или однофамильцы?
И братья, и не братья. И однофамильцы, и не однофамильцы.

gumiho!.UxaEZ35R6 04/12/21(Mon)08:53
ГламуРрКа: ПрИвЕтИк
ATM: Чё надо?
ГламуРрКа: Ты ЧиВо ТаКаЯ БукА? =)))
ATM: Иди нахуй
ГламуРрКа: ЧеГоО?!?!?!

Anonymous 04/11/21(Sun)16:41
how does he make everyone seethe so hard?

Anonymous 04/11/21(Sun)15:19

Anonymous 04/11/21(Sun)07:35

Anonymous 04/10/21(Sat)13:26
lets other men fuck his wife

Anonymous 04/10/21(Sat)06:48
Kuz should hold a global approval poll

Anonymous 04/09/21(Fri)21:30

Anonymous 04/09/21(Fri)16:38

Anonymous 04/09/21(Fri)07:05
What would the point of this thread be? It seems like most people who hate kuz hate him irrationally so it doesnt matter what he says his words will be twisted.

Anonymous 04/09/21(Fri)05:42
We honestly need a serious, legitamate thread, with k♡♡z's involvement, answering up to the long list of things he has done and needs to be accountable for.

To name just a few:
1. Pedophilia
2. Data harvesting and selling
3. Abuse of copyright law
4. Transphobia
5. Piracy
etc, etc

Anonymous 04/08/21(Thu)22:40
>ywn have a bloro with kuz

Anonymous 04/08/21(Thu)05:11

Anonymous 04/07/21(Wed)22:15
all i have to say is, ginormous faggot. We met in vladivostok and he kept grabbing my (Male) ass. fucking weirdo

Anonymous 04/07/21(Wed)20:27

Anonymous 04/06/21(Tue)17:23
remove the upvote thingy from 9chan you fucking cuckold

6-san 04/05/21(Mon)17:49

Anonymous 04/05/21(Mon)17:48 was here

!pBsBXHXqVI 04/05/21(Mon)17:48
something here

moot!Ep8pui8Vw2 04/05/21(Mon)13:00

Anonymous 04/05/21(Mon)12:44

Anonymous 21/04/05(Mon)04:29
kuz is cute

Anonymous 21/04/05(Mon)04:25
oh shit

kuz!WezrG/5mtU 2005/03/14(Mon)04:19

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