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I was born in Omsk, Russia, 1988. I often go by the internet moniker "kuz", pronounced "kooz" as it is pronounced in my birthname, Kuznetsov.

I started programming at age 14, and in 2005, age 16, I created 9ch8br (more commonly known as 9channel). It was a small file-sharing website, commonly used to spread pirated movies, pornography, and other (then) banned materials in Russia. Over the years, it grew into something bigger, eventually it came to have its own textboard(s), mailing list, and more. Unfortunatley, due to legal reasons, I was forced to shut it down in late 2017. At its peak, it served around 500,000-600,000 users. though in its late stages, that number increased greatly.

Since the shutdown of 9ch, I have moved onto less intense projects such as the FHP, which allows a free FTP account and webhost. I also run the Kolyma Network, which is a congolomerate company based in Russia. Some other ventures of mine include the now-archived StrawberryHeaven and

This is a personal site, which I host on my own servers. If you want to email me, do so here.

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